What is REX?

REX is easily memorable acronym of Repair EXcellence, but also valuable initiative of Premium Yacht Insurance to establish excellence criteria when selecting repair offer and evaluating repair quality of defective boat and belonging equipment.

Namely, Premium Yacht Insurance boat insurance policy provides to all it’s policyholders only verified and most experienced yacht repair companies which, by possessing quality certificates, guarantee professional and high quality service. In addition it provides boat repairs at licensed boatyards or service points where works are performed according to Premium Yacht Insurance quality standard and in compliance with boatbuilders’ requirements as well as requirements of Croatian Register of Shipping,

It primarly means, when performing any repair of hull, propulsion and all other boat equipment, original spare parts are being installed and verified materials are being used whenever possible, while repair is being performed using the same technology which was applied during the boatbuilding process in the boatyard. Such a procedure guarantees original quality and highest security in the further use of boat.

REX initiative regulates as well the treatment for appreciable repair quality by which the boat is not only repaired, but brought back to condition before the failure or damage occured. Thereby it concerns rules and procedures of boat repair which precisely define who, what and how exactly should perform their part of work as well as how and in which order to handle the boat during repair.

Often the low-cost repair, if it is not performed by expert guaranteeing proffesional and quality service, eventually appears the most expensive. Hence REX guarantees certainty in highest quality repair services to the boat owners, which then may be considered most favorable as well.